Have you ever wanted to be an engineer for just a day?

Behold our library of tutorials and demonstrations especially for you. Take your pick, click and immerse yourself in an authentic Southampton Malaysia experience. To view the demo or tutorial, click on the buttons below the session and get ready to have all your questions answered. 

Python for Noobies


This tutorial will teach you the basics of using this cutting edge programming language to code. If you love technology, sit back and enjoy this session with Dr. Lim Kok Geng.  

Quadcopter Demonstration

Let the amazing Dr. Ivan Ling walk you through the design of a quadcopter, courtesy of the University's cutting edge lab equipment.  Made for those who enjoy working with their hands.

Generating Power with a Water Vortex

What if you could recreate a hydroelectric dam in your own living room? In the search for alternative energy, Dr. Beh Shiao Lin shows you an amazing way of generating power using water.

Persistence of Vision Experiment

Join our students as they show you an optical illusion like no other. If you have ever wondered how your favourite animated movies were first made, here is a the interesting principal to help you understand it better. 

Student Projects

Do you really want to know what our students do on a day-to-day basis? Here is your chance! Check out our student-led projects and learn more about the wonderful world of engineering. 

Classroom Experiences

Want to sign up but have no idea what to expect? Let us settle your concerns once and for all. Experience our virtual classroom and get a first-hand glimpse of student-lecturer dynamic at our campus. 

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