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Engineering Foundation Year Programme
(JPT (R/010/3/0311) 12/24 MQA/FA5359)

The Foundation Year  is a one-year integrated preparatory course that is custom-designed and delivered to prepare students for entry to our Engineering programmes, in Malaysia and in the UK.

Master of Engineering in 

Mechanical Engineering
(JPT (R/521/6/0023) 01/22 MQA/FA0811)

MEng Mechanical Engineering degree allows our students to design and develop novel and innovative structures and materials for a wide range of technologies from cars to medical devices. 

Bachelor of Science

Business Management 
(JPT (N/340/6/0798) 03/25 MQA/PA13402)

Our BSc Business Management programme will provide students with theoretical and practical tools to understand past, current and future business issues.

Master of Engineering in 

Aeronautics and Astronautics
(JPT (R/525/6/0065) 09/26 MQA/FA4644)

Aeronautics and Astronautics brings together advanced engineering across a range of disciplines with applications in air vehicle specification, design and construction.

Bachelor of Science

Computer Science

(JPT(N/481/6/0824) MQA/PA13401)

You'll learn how to design and build software programs and systems. You’ll find out about the latest advances in areas like machine learning, cyber security and computer vision. 

Master of Engineering in 

Electrical and Electronic Engineering
(JPT (R/523/6/0119) 05/23 MQA/FA3103)

Electrical and Electronic Engineering influences many aspects of modern life ranging from energy, healthcare, entertainment and commerce, to communications and manufacturing.

Bachelor of Science

Accounting & Finance
(JPT (N/340/6/0799) 03/25 MQA/PA13403)

Our BSc Accounting and Finance allows students to learn how to prepare and interpret financial and managerial information. Students will gain a sound understanding of investment and finance. 

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