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Engineering Foundation Year Programme
(JPT (R/010/3/0311) 12/24 MQA/FA5359)

The Foundation Year  is a one-year integrated preparatory course that is custom-designed and delivered to prepare students for entry to our Engineering programmes, in Malaysia and in the UK.

Master of Engineering in 

Mechanical Engineering
(JPT (R/521/6/0023) 01/22 MQA/FA0811)

MEng Mechanical Engineering degree allows our students to design and develop novel and innovative structures and materials for a wide range of technologies from cars to medical devices. 

Bachelor of Science

Business Management 
(JPT (N/340/6/0798) 03/25 MQA/PA13402)

Our BSc Business Management programme will provide students with theoretical and practical tools to understand past, current and future business issues.


Master of Engineering in 

Aeronautics and Astronautics
(JPT (R/525/6/0065) 09/26 MQA/FA4644)

Aeronautics and Astronautics brings together advanced engineering across a range of disciplines with applications in air vehicle specification, design and construction.

Bachelor of Science

Computer Science

(JPT(N/481/6/0824) MQA/PA13401)

You'll learn how to design and build software programs and systems. You’ll find out about the latest advances in areas like machine learning, cyber security and computer vision. 

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Master of Engineering in 

Electrical and Electronic Engineering
(JPT (R/523/6/0119) 05/23 MQA/FA3103)

Electrical and Electronic Engineering influences many aspects of modern life ranging from energy, healthcare, entertainment and commerce, to communications and manufacturing.


Bachelor of Science

Accounting & Finance
(JPT (N/340/6/0799) 03/25 MQA/PA13403)

Our BSc Accounting and Finance allows students to learn how to prepare and interpret financial and managerial information. Students will gain a sound understanding of investment and finance.